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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Corporate/Social Responsibility represents the belief that businesses/organizations should take responsibility for ensuring that all aspects of their operations result in an overall positive impact on society and the environment. In order to implement socially responsible programs, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

  • Personal service and community involvement
  • The development and use of socially responsible products and processes
  • Transparent and ethical behavior

UC Berkeley has shown leadership in social responsibility through its activist history in pioneering societal change; launching in 2003, the Center for Responsible Business, with a mission to create a more sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible society; establishing offices of Sustainability and Equity and Inclusion; and being among the first universities in the country to adopt a Code of Conduct (as part of a UC systemwide initiative) supporting the ethical and fair treatment of workers producing its logoed merchandise.

Business Contracts and Brand Protection (BCBP) through its activities and websites (departmental and Cal Marketplace) communicates and promotes many of the campus' socially responsible initiatives and, in particular, those associated with sustainability, diversity, and the improvement of worker rights. We will:

  • Create a culture of forward thinking and innovation around sustainable issues by integrating sustainability into operations and programs and engaging in dialogue on environmental sustainability.
  • Achieve excellence through diversity by partnering with campus affiliates and integrating community participation at both the individual and organizational level to create opportunities for equitable access to education and learning at the University of California, Berkeley.
  • Collaborate with organizations and business partners to improve the lives of workers who manufacture the University's trademarked goods.

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