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Being and staying well at UC Berkeley is easier with the new Wellness Wheel!

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Use the new UC Berkeley Wellness Wheel to help balance mind, body, and soul. 

The Wellness Wheel demonstrates how the dimensions of life work together to support and foster wellness in each of us.  View it at The Wellness Wheel is the product of UC Berkeley Living Well, a collaborative effort between the following campus departments:

Environment Health & Safety:

Human Resources:

Recreational Sports:

University Health Services Health Matters (for Faculty & Staff):

Health Promotion (for Students):

UC Berkeley Living Well...making wellness a priority!

E-Recycling drop-off every Wednesday 9am -3pm

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Cal Overstock and Surplus offers FREE Community Computer Recycling “drop-off” EVERY Wednesday from 9am-3pm.

Location: 1000 Folger Ave., Berkeley, CA 94702

After dropping off your computer, shop the Cal Overstock and Surplus showroom for:

  • office furniture
  • computers
  • laptops
  • vehicles
  • laboratory equipment
  • small machinery
and so much more. 

Recycling and reusing equipment, furniture, and other products keeps them out of landfills.  Surplus and recycled items usually cost less, too, but are still in good condition, making them a smart purchase. 

The Suitcase Clinic

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The Suitcase Clinic is making a difference and you can too!  Contribute your time or funds to support the vital mission of this humanitarian organization. 

The Suitcase Clinic is a humanitarian student organization and volunteer community offering free health and social services to underserved populations since 1989. 

Volunteer or donate funds to help the clinic accomplish its mission.  Learn more about the Suitcase Clinic and about how you can help at

Big Ideas @ Berkeley--Empowering Cal Students to Change the World


Big Ideas @ Berkeley marketplace lets alumni, corporate and foundation partners, friends, and family support Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate about tackling major global, regional, and local challenges such as clean energy, the environment, public health, safe drinking water, public policy, and technology-based entrepreneurship.

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