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Now Available: CALcierge Faculty Recruitment & Retention Services

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CALcierge Faculty Recuitment & Retention Services, offered through the Office of the Vice Provost, Academic Affairs and Faculty Welfare, is a new member of the Cal community. CALcierge, which has been up and running since earlier this year, offers relocation services and dual career services to prospective and new faculty, as well as to those who are part of the University’s faculty retention effort.
                                                          Relocation Services
 CALcierge is here to welcome prospective faculty, and to help new faculty and their families make a smooth transition to Cal. Lisa Bagnatori, who directs the CALcierge Office, meets with faculty candidates to answer questions that they may have about housing, child care and schools.
Dual Career Services
Employment for faculty partners plays a key role in whether or not a prospective faculty accepts an offer and whether or not a faculty member stays. Lisa helps the faculty partner during the job search with among other things, résumé and cover letter writing and, most importantly, arranging for referrals to job networking contacts. The CALcierge Office is grateful to the California Alumni Association, LBNL and various campus departments for the job networking support they provide to our faculty partners.
Please visit the CALcierge website: to learn more about CALcierge services. For further information, please contact Lisa via email at calcierge [at] berkeley [dot] edu or by phone at 642-6610.

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